Elyse Graham

elyse graham's work is driven by the processes she develops for the very specific materials she uses; most notably plaster and resin. her drip vases are created with a process graham designed to cast plaster inside of a flexible latex balloon mold. the interiors of the vessels are then sealed with layers of poured resin, making them functional pieces. each vase is hand-dyed with custom mixed pigments and finished with a unique pattern of dyed plaster protuberances. the exterior of each pice is sealed with a uv resistant acrylic coating. the inspiration for this collection comes from graham's fascination with the microbiome and the vast and unseen world we are just beginning to explore. she creates with a sense of curiosity, wonder and joy. elyse graham was born and currently resides in los angeles, california, she graduated from brown university in 2003 earning a ba in art: semiotics.