Midori Ferris Wayne

midori ferris wayne is a local designer who draws inspiration from the relics of heirloom orchards and pinot noir vineyards surrounding her home and studio. many of her pieces are cast directly from grapevine clippings or apple blossom petals, using entirely reclaimed precious metals, while others incorporate vintage elements. further expressing a marriage of old and new, she has reinterpreted an ancient alloying technique used in japanese sword-making to achieve a chocolate-brown alloy of gold and copper (shakudo), used alongside high karat gold, sterling silver and ethically-mined or vintage gemstones.midori is fascinated with jewelry history and ancient art, having worked at the museum of fine arts, boston for several years before studying jewelry making at the north bennet street school. she currently collaborates with local artisans to produce her eco-conscious jewelry collection "okomido" in western sonoma county.