Alice Sutro

Portrait Session 

Alice Sutro

Friday, November 23rd, 3.30-7.30 pm

"Drawing is a life’s work for Alice, if there were an AA for drawing she’d have to go there. She was born into it, has battled with it, escaped with it, rejected it, gotten dirty with it and is now embracing it as her only creative output. She’s landed in a modern but timeless application of the medium: life-model public portraiture sessions on an iPad. During these sessions she makes free, fast contour drawings challenging herself to not erase, and distributes them immediately to the sitter. It is a fulfilling and thrilling art practice, that harnesses an energetic line by virtue of the free-fall performance aspect of 12-minute sittings, with sometimes 2 to 3 hours straight of drawing, under the gaze of an audience. Alice is proud to draw for her community, continuing the Warnecke family’s legacy in and contribution to the arts. She participated with her family in founding Chalk Hill Artist Residency in 2010 after obtaining her MFA from California College of the Arts. She is a 6th generation Sonoma County resident, Alexander Valley wine producer under the brand Sutro and a member of the 428collective, a collective of North Bay women artists."

On Friday, November 23rd from 3.30pm and onward into the evening, artist Alice Sutro will be present at Lulo for a series of portrait sessions.

Alice draws digitally and the portraits will be available to upload at no cost.

We are excited to host the process of an artist at work, and excited to see the works created.