Recheng Tsang | October 8th 2016

Saturday, October 8th 5-7pm 2016

Ceramic Wall Sculpture

artist recheng tsang will be installing a series of new wall pieces, constructed in porcelain and felt. the series will be exploring texture, shape, color and scale in the monochromatic expanse of smaller bits of porcelain affixed to felt, in which recheng works.

the gallery is excited to to feature a completely new group of work for recheng.


recheng tsang creates site-specific installations and smaller sculptures. the work consists of up to several hundred, sometimes thousands of thin porcelain pieces. each piece is rolled, pinched, pulled, torn, otherwise manipulated by hand, then composed within a pre-defined grid. she explores the intrinsic qualities of porcelain, malleable and impressionistic, to create work that is tactile and sensual. she is also interested in the dichotomous relationship between porcelains hardness and permanence, and the resulting work which appears to be delicate, ephemeral and in motion.